An Art Update

 IMAG1267_BURST001This is a piece I decided to work on after being inspired by Anthony Hurd.

This is only the background, but I have ideas on what I want in the foreground. I’ve never painted acrylic (or used any kinds of paint, for that matter) on wood before, so of course this piece looks slightly messy. I definitely have some more to learn, but I’m sure these lessons will come through some more trial and error.

The canvas I’m using is a 24″x16″ hardwood from the Home Depot. I think I need a bigger brush in order to get the effects I desire, though. I think part of the problem is that I only really used one layer of acrylic paint. In order to really get that orange layer to “pop”, I think that in the future, I’m going to make sure that I paint an orange layer first, then quite possibly add another layer of the effect I want, and then (lastly) the final effect – if I were to use the “runny” looking paint “effect” again.

I rarely have time to work on any art pieces these days, so I’m hoping that I don’t rush through this one. Time will tell, though. :)