The Danger of a Single Story

If you’re someone like myself, it’s always a personal goal of yours to learn to see things from a different perspective, other than your own. If you have less than 20 minutes of free time; Heck! Even if you only have five minutes to kill on this video, I’m certain that it will be well-worth your time to listen and learn about “The Single Story”.

I can honestly admit that I, myself, am guilty of viewing things from a single story perspective, and feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to interact with so many different cultures throughout my life. As well as being an International Studies major, I can see why this single story perspective is so detrimental to the transnational world we’re beginning to live in, today. Even though I’m still only an undergraduate, my aspirations to work at a US embassy or as some sort of diplomat or ambassador, have forced me to pursue a need to understand various points of view, perspectives, and cultural differences (as well as, similarities) in order to be the man I feel that I need to become. Life definitely has its ups and its downs, but when we’re able to cross cultural barriers and find out more about one another, I’m certain that we can aspire to do and become greater individuals – which will lead to stronger societies, and hopefully a more cohesive people and/or citizens of the world.

I hope you enjoy(ed) the video as much as I did.