10 More Weeks To Go…

After my first official day of class(es), I’m already feeling beat – and I still have class(es) until Friday! I honestly can’t complain too much, because I feel like the workload may (or may not) be a little bit lighter than it was last term. I already know that Japanese is going to take up the majority of my time and eat up all of the hours of my day. Thankfully, tomorrow will primarily consist of two more syllabus related days (for Japanese), but Thursday will be the big day.

Apparently for all third year Japanese students, they want to give us a new exercise that is typically reserved for fourth year students which is called an Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI). Apparently they assess our Japanese speaking skills via an interview and record the entire conversation. Later, they will send us our conversation electronically in which we have to transcribe the entire conversation that took place. Following that exercise we will have a follow-up interview discussing areas in which we should look at improving on. This test is then distributed over again (I believe next year, or perhaps later this term?) in hopes that we have shown some type of improvement.

Anyway, that doesn’t really concern me too much at the moment, but I’m sure my thoughts on the process will, as soon as I’m called in for the interview process. Following the Japanese “Speaking and Listening Course”, I’m also taking the third year Japanese “Reading and Writing” course which takes place 10 minutes after class ends, on the southern-most part of campus. Luckily for me, there are plenty of others taking the class as well, so if we’re all late – there shouldn’t be a big problem, right?

Besides that, I think I’m most worried about the essays and the presentations we have to give in that class. I guess I can understand the essay portion of the class, but not-so-much the presentation part of reading and writing. Regardless, I know that it will only serve to increase our Japanese proficiency in the long run, so I can’t really complain all too much about it. Thursday is when our “official” day begins in which we need to be in class and know our sh’t. Blargh!

Lastly, I needed to take a class for one of my ‘cluster’ courses, so I opted for a class in Elementary Ethics. In that class, apparently they are only asking two things of us (the students):

  1. Don’t miss more than four days of class (otherwise your grade will drop a full letter for every time you’re absent.)
  2. There will only be a midterm and a Final (FUUUUUUU$%$^%$!111)

I guess things could be worse, though…

Anyway, that’s about everything that happened today. Tomorrow should be fairly easy, as I only have two classes (both an hour each) for Japanese and then I have the rest of the day to study and prepare for THURSDAY AND FRIDAY! Speaking of which, I should probably start studying some of it now… just because I know Thursday (and Friday) will be here before I know it.

Oh gym… I feel like I’m forsaking you!! ;_;