A quick update while I watch The Goonies

I can honestly say that, to me, The Goonies never gets old. I also have to say that the new blu-ray version, which has been digitally re-mastered, is much better than I had originally expected. It may not make me laugh hysterically (like I used to, as a kid) but it definitely brings back a bit of nostalgia and almost always makes me smile. Especially Chunk’s scenes and lines. Anyway…

Winter Term:

  • My account still shows a balance of $4K due to PSU. I need the VA to do it’s job in a timely manner…
  • I decided to take “Elementary Ethics” for my required junior cluster and it’s turned out to be extremely boring.
  • Elementary Ethics is limiting us to a midterm and a final with LOTS of reading. :
  • My Japanese class last term was incredibly stressful, so taking two separate ones this term will feel like overload.
  • Regardless, I know things will work out fine in the end.


  • I have a strong desire to draw but with how much this term is/will ask of me, I doubt I’ll be able to make much time for it.
  • I definitely have plans for some Heavenly Sword and Metroid fanart for the future, but I still have plenty of other projects to complete too.
  • One of these projects has to do with my room… I need to make more video-game related canvas pieces for my wall(s).
  • Painting something up that’s Scott Pilgrim related is definitely on my list, as well.
  • I’d also like to find some great dynamic poses/references for some of my future drawings as well.
  • I should probably buy some new, flat, quality watercolor paper for some watercolor projects too.

Other News:

  • I want to say that I announced it before, but my friends suggested a (video) game night, but my newly (self)-repaired PS3 crashed again recently.
  • I’m pretty sure I can fix it if I buy some more of the heat-sync/coolant compound. ::shrug::
  • My friend Stalex from Japanese class may become my new room mate, come February. Nothing’s really been decided on yet, so I guess we’ll see.
  • I always post Christmas cards and postcards that I receive  from friends on my refrigerator whenever I receive them, so I think I want to start mailing out my own sometime. (Of course, this is yet another project I’ll be adding to my already extensive list.)
  • I’m almost halfway through my 30-Day-Challenge, and have to admit that it’s tougher than I really expected. I almost forgot to take a photo today, but remembered as I was posting my older photos to my photoblog.

Anyway, I’m a firm believer in keeping one’s self busy, so it’s very hard to complain when you don’t allow yourself much time to do so. I hope you’re all doing well and will catch you later.