I Smell Like Chlorine.

Just got back from the gym a few minutes ago, and I’m so tired. I got the best night’s sleep last night, and feel as though the same thing will happen again tonight. I ended up running 3 miles today and then relaxed my muscles by swimming some laps in the pool.

I’m really digging these swims at night. I initially wanted to swim another 10 laps, but as soon as I finished my “final” lap, someone got into the pool, and my competitive streak broke loose. Every time I reached the end of the pool, they were on the other, so I vowed to stop as soon as I could swim to the past them on the same side of the pool. I honestly lost count after 13 laps, but what happened when I beat them? Someone else came into the pool! I decided to do the same thing, and managed to beat the guy, but then he beat me on the last half of a lap.

Needless to say, I’m tired. It’ll be an early day of volunteering in my old Japanese professors’ classes, so it should be a good day. Meh. I’ll take a shower in the morning. Too tired, now.