The Sandman Cometh

I can feel my eyelids getting heavy, but I’ll do my best to type to my heart’s content. I received a phone call from my mom the other day, and she only called to catch up. Apparently, she’ll be leaving with a couple of my aunts in order to go back to the Philippines to visit my grandpa. She hasn’t been back since we first left (back in 1985). I can tell that she’s very excited, and I can honestly say that I’m excited for her. She hasn’t had a vacation that has allowed her any sort of travel since we were young, so it’s definitely well deserved and about time.

In other news, I’m thinking about buying an actual hard cover journal for my own personal preference. The need to be on a computer every time certain things cross my mind has become somewhat bothersome. I kind of wish computers weren’t such a necessity, but there’s nothing we can really do with regards to that.

It took me about 20 minutes just to write the last paragraph, as I kept slipping into and out of sleep, so I think it’s time to cut this guy short. I have a fairly long blog that I’m still working on finishing, so although it seems like I’ve gone into a hiatus, I’m still very-much actively “blogging”.

Okay… sleepy time. Goodnight, internet land.