Japan Trip 2012.

For those of you 2nd year Japanese students that missed the information regarding the trip to Japan this summer, I figured that I’d share the details with you all while posting this to my blog.

The trip to Japan is still tentatively scheduled around the end of June. The tentative dates take place from June 28th through July 16th. Students will be visiting Mihama, Aichi, Joyo, Kyoto and Tokyo. The cost of the trip for eligible students is ~$1500 (a steal from the actual price, and the amount covered by the ASCC). All applicants must invest hours into either the Japanese Culture Club, or any of the ASCC’s Service Funding Events (which allocates money to the JCC. Volunteer hours must also be invested into the Japanese Club (or other Clark College service) after the trip.

While in Japan, students will also be asked to give presentations in Japanese at a pre-school, high school and college. Participants will also be required to take the 1-credit Japanese Orientation class in the Spring with Okuhara-Sensei.

Applications are available: January 9th
Application due date: March 1st
Notice of Acceptance: March 10th
Passport # Needed by: April 10th

Email Okuhara Sensei for the application form.

The maximum number of students allowed to attend are 8-10. For those students that want to pay in increments can submit three $500 increments on April 9th, May 7th, and June 5th. Along with the form, all applicants must submit a 2 page, double spaced essay regarding why you’d like to participate and other criteria found on the form.

Roman is currently working on Fundraising ideas, so if you have any additional thoughts that could help us raise money to lower the costs, feel free to let him or any of the executive members of the Japanese Culture Club know, next Friday, at the meeting.

Take it easy, all!