Artwork or Bust.

After obtaining my Wacom tablet and stylus this Christmas, I’ve spent a lot of my time working on concepts and art designs. The t-shirt design that I submitted isn’t scored as high as most of the designs I’ve seen on their website, but I’m still pleased with how it all turned out.

Unfortunately, time has run out on my hobbies as the new school term begins tomorrow. I’ve received a lot of positive feedback from friends, family, and even strangers that have seen my art pieces. My sketchbook is more than halfway full of concepts already, that I have yet to post or share with anyone, just yet. A classmate of mine actually made a stash of money this holiday season by drawing and coloring some digital pieces. I’ve decided to give this a chance, when I manage to acquire some down-time.

(A couple of random poses/concepts that I drew up, today. Besides these, I also wound up drawing Auron from FFX, as well as another Chrono Trigger piece.) 

For now, however, in-order to ensure that I continue to hone my skills during the term I’m going to draw a picture every other day, if-not everyday. It won’t be anything in extreme detail, maybe several concepts here-or-there, but I’m looking forward to allowing myself some time to draw on a regular basis. After all, practice makes … better. :]

If you have any ideas on possible ideas regarding original characters and/or video game fan art, please don’t hesitate to give me some suggestions. I’ll need all the ideas I can get ;] Also if anyone’s interested, feel free to check out my artwork on DeviantArt. I’ll update that more regularly than my facebook page.