My t-shirt design passed the preliminary rounds and is now available for scoring. Supposedly, the first 24 hours is the most crucial time to rack in the good votes, so if you can, please vote for my t-shirt design as soon as possible! I’d prefer a 5, but if you’d rather vote honestly I won’t knock you for it. Here’s the link: Threadless

General Instructions:
I’m honestly, not 100% sure about whether you need to be logged in, in order to vote, but click on the 5 to see if you can give me a score.

If it won’t let you, thankfully, everyone with a facebook account can log in using that. I did that initially, however, I changed my email address to a different email address that I check almost as regularly as my primary. Once logged in, return to my page and vote. :D YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW MUCH YOUR SUPPORT MEANS TO ME! :D

ALSO: (If I know you and…)
If you want a FREE shirt (IF I WIN!):

All I ask that you do is:

  1. Score my shirt a 5.
  2. Click on the box to the right of the scores that says “Notify me if… becomes a tee”
  3. Leave a comment that says “5$”, “[The size you want]”, and “[Your first name or nickname that I will recognize you by]”.

Thank you to everyone for all of the support!!! This probably won’t be my first submission to this website, but I truly appreciate any and all assistance you have given and continue to give me! Much Love!!

(And just in case you’re wondering the “5$” in the comment section means you scored my submission with a 5, and would be willing to buy it! Of course, if I happen to win I would be buying it and shipping it to you. :D THANKS AGAIN, EVERYONE!!!)