30 is not the new 20

I’ve slowly, but surely become more and more addicted to the information available on these TED talks by some of the well-known professionals in their fields. Although I turn 30 in a little over a month, I feel great about what I experienced during my 20s and am confident about my future. I think a part of this is due to the fact that I tried to make sure that I didn’t squander away my time during my 20s, and experienced a multitude of different opportunities so that I could truly fixate my goals onto aspects, ideals and goals that will make me happy. The reason why I’m sharing this TED talks video is primarily because, I hope that people that are in such a remarkable stage of their life don’t waste it away, but use it as a learning tool to experience life and propel their future in the direction they want it to head.

I may be graduating with my Bachelor’s degree at the age of 30, but I started on the college track at 27, so that I could ensure my career headed off into the direction that I truly wanted to. Although I could tell you all about the path I began to take from my 20th birthday onwards, I think I’ll save that for a blog I intend to write about my life experiences in the days and weeks to come.