Marathon May

I ran into two of my cousins at the gym, tonight. LA Fitness, after 10pm, in Vancouver, was probably the last place I would have expected to see any of my relatives, but it was a refreshing surprise. Perhaps we will see more of each other again in the future.

Anyway, as you can probably assume from the title, I made the commitment to return to marathon training this month (even though I technically started on April 30th). I figured that since I’ll hopefully be graduating by next spring, that I would begin training for another marathon to run, since another milestone in my life is fast-approaching [obtaining my BA!]. Since I technically have almost an entire year to decide what I want to run, I’m easing myself into my mileage. The last time I trained for a full marathon I completed the training in as few as 6 months time, and although I could aim for that goal again, I’d rather not run a “mock-marathon” and end up injuring myself in such a manner that I wouldn’t be able to run a real one around my graduation time.

I will, however, try to maintain the 20 mile long runs once I reach them, however. I guess time will be the true judge of that, as I try to beat my previous PRs. Although I’m barely into my second week of training, it feels good being able to run again. I have a feeling I had some pretty bad stress fractures when I ran last time, but I blame that on my lack of proper stretches and rest. With an entire year dedicated to training, I’m sure that I can fit in more rest than I did during my 6-month training regime. I no longer feel the pain from (crosses fingers) shin splints, IT Band problems, or even problems in my achilles heel, so I feel these are great signs already.

A question that people asked me a lot while I was training before was, “Why? Why would you do that to yourself?” and to be quite honest – I find it stress-relieving. Not only that, but to know that you can train your body to handle such an intense routine makes you feel all the more confident when it comes to accomplishing your real life goals; And for those that truly know me, they know that I’m very-much a goal-oriented individual. I’ll keep you posted as my training continues. I’ve started off with easy 5-7 miles a week, for now. Speed interval training begins next week to help boost my endurance and hopefully my stride, as well… Fun times ahead. :]