My New Photoblog.

I’ve just set up a new journal specifically for my photography for those of you that are interested.

Benologa Photography, is what I decided to call it. I’ve only gotten one post up, as I just created it today, but am definitely looking forward to a place where I can just upload pictures. My next entry will be devoted to posting a handful of my favorite photographs. I may save my more current photos for later, but we shall see…

On a completely separate note, I just realized that I’m able to sync all of my old livejournal blog entries to my wordpress account. I am now up to over 500 entries on this account after the sync. Most of them are private and/or password protected as I used to be a little more secretive back in the day. I’m a little disappointed in myself however, as I believe I deleted one of the three livejournal blogs (don’t ask me why I had three…) which I believe I used the most out of back then.