Learning How To Digitally Paint

Learning How To Digitally Paint

WARMUP20MINI decided to give digital painting a shot after watching several tutorials online. The tutorial also taught me about using certain brushes to draw and paint with, so I decided to draw Korra, and then proceed to work on painting the image for some experience. I think I might actually prefer this way of coloring versus my previous cell shading means. I still see a lo of room for improvement, but I believe that will come, as I practice this method more.

I think I’m going to go back to several pieces that I did earlier this year and redraw and repaint them using this method. This piece isn’t an original, however, as I was trying to do a Korra (from The Legend of Korra/Avatar) artwork study. I wonder what else I can accomplish…

If you have any recommendations for a piece that I should redo, just let me know.