New Geno Drawing (WIP)

New Geno Drawing (WIP)

GENOFINEarlier this year, as I was still learning how to work with Photoshop, I created a fanart piece from Super Mario RPG of Geno performing his “legendary” Geno Whirl. At the time I thought it was pretty spectacular, but today, I feel like it isn’t something I would really consider one of my best pieces.

With that being said, instead of redrawing a piece on paper, I drew this one using Photoshop and plan on painting it in the same manor I did my previous paint study. I’ve noticed that the more I do these, the faster I become at painting, so I’m hoping to have this one done within a matter of hours after starting it back up. I’ll definitely have something to do on Christmas day, if I don’t start it up and finish today. ;]