Trying Something New…

Kara was in town this weekend, and we both decided to work on some artwork last night. I opted to do some work with construction paper and decided to mimic something I saw on Deviantart. This doesn’t do the piece I saw justice, but of course, my version was a quick rendition of Ariel from The Little Mermaid. Of course, there are no specific details added to this piece (yet), but this gave me a great idea to work on some pieces similar to this, but utilizing some of my favorite video game characters.
I just used basic sheets of construction paper and carved all the pieces freehand without drawing any lines to guide me. In the future, however, I believe that I would need to invest in better quality, as well as a greater variety of colored sheets of paper.

All in all, however, I totally enjoyed the way this turned out. I believe that for the end product, however, I’d need to add minor details with a pen or pencil(s), like the eyes, mouth, and other minute things that would make the piece pop.

I doubt I’ll end up finishing this piece as I’ feel a lot more excited to work on a video game-related piece. Also, none of the pieces above were glued down, so I just swept them all up and put them into one of my sketchbooks. I think it’ll be interesting to see what I come up with later on.