PSP Slim Problems

Or as some would put it, “first world probelms.”

Now that my PS3 is “officially” dead, I went ahead and recharged my PSP slim so that I could play games on that when I had the time. I remember I payed close to $300 for this thing when it first came out, but I don’t remember why I stopped using it. I do, however, recall purchasing it for the sole purpose of playing Final Fantasy Crisis Core.

I believe I started the game on hard mode and was getting obliterated by some beast/boss creature and stopped playing it for a while. It wasn’t until recently, was I able to recall why I didn’t go back and play the game – and that reason was because… I couldn’t. Every time I would click on the game to load, a Playstation error code 80#### would pop up, stating that the game could not be loaded or played for some ungodly reason.

Fortunately enough for me, the PSP I bought was the (red) God of War limited edition version. It not only came with the movie Super Bad, but also God of War: Chains of Olympus. So naturally, since Crisis Core wouldn’t work I put God of War into the UMD hatch, and noticed a pattern when even that game wouldn’t play. Next, I tried the movie Super Bad, and that wouldn’t load either! This made it somewhat obvious to me that there is something wrong with the disc player. Of course, I notice this YEARS after purchasing this thing…

The next thing I decided to do then, was log into my Playstation Network account to see if I could download any games from my account that are/were compatible to my PSP. Although I came across a lot of games that are compatible, the versions I downloaded were only available on the PS3. I found that to be pretty idiotic. Although I paid for a game that is available for download on the PS3, PSP and Vita, since I only downloaded the “PS3” version, I would have to pay for an additional copy that is multi-platform compatible. So, sadly, out of all the games I have spent money on, the only one that I can play/transfer over to my PSP system is Metal Gear Solid. This really urkes me a lot, and makes me want to convert myself into a PC gamer instead.

Anyway, I had some extra money on my PSN account, so I spent $10 on Final Fantasy Tactics. In addition, I decided to download the demo for Dissidia Final Fantasy just for fun. Although the demo only allows you to play a limited number of stages with a limited number of characters – it has definitely been pretty addicting. I’m almost tempted to buy the game, but we’ll see… After my previous experiences with Sony, I’m not feeling too comfortable spending more money on their product(s). : Time will tell, however…