Hello, Insomnia

I decided to call it an early night about two hours ago, but recently awoke when my bedroom became a sauna when the central air conditioning unit decided to warm the house up around midnight. Although I thought I had turned the device off earlier in the day, I must have been delirious and neglected to do so. Shortly thereafter I went back to bed, but here I am – typing away at my computer, semi wide awake.

While lying in bed, I couldn’t help but stress about how poorly I did in Japanese class today (my daily score was a 7.5/10), and then I started pondering about how well I might have done on my written and listening midterms, as well. I felt reassured by my classmates, right after the exam, as we discussed making some of the same answer choices after-the-matter. Of course, right after the written exam, Watanabe Sensei came in to give us the listening exam portion, and I feel like that didn’t go quite as well. I believe the fact that my mind was on what had happened with the exams, my mind wasn’t too focused on what we needed to do in class that day. Oh well, “Momma said there’d be days like this. There’d be days like this, my momma said.”

Next, my mind wandered to my Asian Studies midterm that will be taking place this Friday. I have yet to study ANYTHING for that class, and along with our midterm, we have half of a “current events” project due on the same day – which I haven’t started on either. It’s still only Tuesday, but I feel like I can procrastinate my way through, but as of right now – these concerns could be the very reason behind why I can’t fall asleep. Not to mention that I have a group art project that I need to wrap-up/finish in-class by Thursday night; so that we can present by next Tuesday.

I just wish I didn’t have to think about these things right now. I always manage to do just fine, but I don’t know why they’re weighing so heavily on my mind. The problem with the VA at PSU just popped into my mind, as well, but I just checked my PSU account online, and my balance went from  approximately $2,000 to -$55. I am actually quite relieved that that matter has finally been settled. It makes me feel like celebrating, but I think this sudden feeling of excitement might actually keep me awake for even longer! Oh, boy.

Hmmm… now what?