I’m Never Changing Who I Am

A big thank you goes out to Cole Horibe (Twitter) for his impeccable music selection for his “montage” music video from this previous season’s SYTYCD (link). I never watched an entire series of So You Think You Can Dance (until this last year) and I just have to admit that Cole and Cheon (Cx2) were my two favorite male dancers this season. I still believe Cole should have made it higher in the rankings than he did, but overall I was still pleased with this season’s winners.

Anyway, I was in the car when I heard this song come on the radio, and I couldn’t recall where I heard it from until it got to the chorus. Ironically, I also spent a good part of the day reading some old blogs that I wrote when I was younger which triggered somewhat of an emotional response. Interestingly enough, this song kind of opened my eyes to the idea that no matter what circumstances, settings and situations change in our lives, we’ll always be the same person. I guess that ultimately, it’s important that we always remain true to ourselves and take a leap of faith, every chance we get. If you’re stumbling upon this music video now, I hope you enjoy this song as much as I did. Although it kind of sucks that it’s gone “mainstream”, I’m kind of glad it did – otherwise, I may have forgotten about how great it is/was.

Thanks again to Cole and Cheon and all of the members of the SYTYCD crew for the entertainment over the course of the last few months. If I can find the time and money,  perhaps I’ll see you on tour in either Portland and/or Seattle. The best of luck in your careers!