The Red Blinking Light of Death.

After about five years of being used for its blu-ray capabilities, netflix movies, tv shows, music, video games and the like, my Playstation 3 has finally died.

The red blinking light of death is apparently what signifies its death. The fact that my system is years past its warranty, also helps to seal the deal. I can only really speculate at the moment, that the potential problem lies within the software, as I believe there is some sort of problem between the CPU and its power supply. I guess I shouldn’t have left my system running for almost every day I had it, but I’m not overly concerned.

At first, I thought that I wouldn’t need to buy another PS3, but I think that’s probably my only real option at the moment. Mostly due to the fact that I own a plethora of blu-ray movies, PS3 games, as well as enjoy the convenience of Netflix on my tv, it’s really my only realistic option. I thought that I’d just buy myself a blu-ray player, but when a PS3 does the same thing blu-ray players do, I might as well get a new one. Thankfully, PS3’s don’t cost as much as they did when I first bought mine.

I think the thing that irritates me the most is that I lost all of my save data. So much for finishing Mass Effect 2, and whatever titles I can’t recall. Anyway, I’m in no rush.