Once Upon A Time

I just recently stumbled upon this show on Netflix, and now I’m addicted.

At first, I thought this show was going to be a horrible present-day rendition of classic fairy tales, but I’m pleased to say that I was wrong. The plot, character development and the overall script, as well as the acting abilities of the actors and actresses, plays out in an amazing fantasy-drama. The whole premise situates around the idea that all of the fairy tale characters have been plagued by a curse that forces them to live new lives in a small town in Maine that takes place in present day. These fairy tale characters include classics like Snow White, Prince Charming, The Huntsman, Rumpelstiltskin, Maleficent, and many others that I’m sure I’ve yet to discover.

I believe the idea that the lead role is played by a strong female protagonist makes this a little more appealing than I would have originally thought. Although the story takes place in present time, it’s mixed with flashbacks of the past – which gives an even better perspective of the characteristics of each character. If you haven’t seen it, I have to say that you are missing out. I believe the second season will be starting up again sometime soon, but I’m not even halfway through watching the first season and I’m thrilled. So long as the writers continue on with this amazing script, the fairy tale cross-overs, the plot twists, and a strong cast – I wouldn’t doubt that this would become an outstanding series. If you doubt me, then just watch the first/pilot episode.