HLTH 101 Entry 04 (Relationships)

Due to (what seems to be) my innate desire for independence, I can’t say that I’m the best person when it comes to relationships. I’ve ran into a multitude of different people, from different backgrounds, and cultures, and am continuously blown away by people who constantly seek approval from others. I can understand the satisfying ego-boost someone feels when others approve of you (and/or what you do), but there are some people that go out of their way to please others – to the extent that they’re no longer acting like themselves, or are acting fake. I’m a perfectionist in a lot of ways, so when it comes to people that I find difficult to understand, I’m often keep my space.

Luckily for me, I am fortunate enough to have some understanding friends that know me well enough to know that I’m not a confrontational person. I hold a lot of people around me to high expectations and standards, with the hopes that I fit into their standards, as well. People that constantly seek the approval of others get under my skin, primarily because they seem unstable. I’m a “just the facts” kind of guy, and believe that respect comes around full circle. If I take the time to learn about what upsets you, then I would hope that you would take the time to realize the things that upset me; and we both try to avoid doing them around each other. Sadly, it doesn’t seem to always work that way.

I can admit that I am a very different person at play, than I am at work. I can often be very critical of others (as well as myself), constantly striving for perfection, while maintaining quite-often a serious demeanor. Even in the workplace, I’m often proficient at my job when working independently, and as far as working with others – you may want to refer to the peers I’ve had the opportunity of working alongside of. I say this, primarily because that’s who can really gauge how tolerable you are.

When it comes to friends, I have a small group of very close friends. I often refer to everyone else as an acquaintance, but when they call me their friend – I may also label them the same, but without the same deep context meaning. I don’t enjoy the feeling of being vulnerable, so in the workplace I make it seem like I’m not, and in relationships I just avoid the situation when I can. A lot of my friends would consider me to be extroverted, so this may or may not come to a shock to them, but I truly enjoy quality over quantity. The time I spend with my friends, so long as it’s loaded with good laughs I’m happy with. I can see someone once in a blue moon, yet every time we get together it’s an incredible time, and I would be okay with that.

I always think back to the saying, “there are plenty of fish in the sea” when it comes to friends, but to be honest how many extra-ordinary fish are out there? I think it’s important to count our blessings, when we think of things in that context.