HLTH 101 Entry 03 (My Addictions)

As I’ve come to realize, not all ‘addictions’ are necessarily bad. I think one of the most influential new-found addictions in my life, has been the desire to run. There’s just something about having that quality, alone time on the road. It’s a great way of relieving stress, as well as a time for me to spend thinking about (or not thinking about) other things going on in my life. Not to mention, this is also a phenomenal way of staying in shape. The only thing that really hinders me from doing this as frequently as I want to is the Pacific Northwest weather. Granted, I’ll quite possibly be able to fix that, as soon as I graduate with my Bachelor’s degree and migrate somewhere warmer.

Another addiction I have is an addiction to being independent. I’m not sure how this was triggered, but I know that personally I don’t enjoy needing to depend on others. I’d like this to change some day, so that I can be more interdependent than anything else, but I know that road will be a long and winding one. Technology is another one of my addictions. I like staying up-to-date on gizmos and doodads. I even realized that in the past when there were power outages, I’d say to myself, “That’s okay, I’ll just do ‘this'”, realizing later that the task is unattainable without electricity. Granted, I believe this is something that is more universal with our society today, but I’d like to have the comfort of knowing that I’m not entirely dependent (there’s that word again) on technology.

After returning from the Marine Corps, saving money has always been the primary option, but it’s become evident to me that that’s not always the best option. Whenever fast food options were available, the optimal choice of cost-efficiency was a buffet; which is the unhealthiest option imaginable. It’s sad to see that the cheapest options in our society are quite-often the most unhealthiest. Thankfully, I’m financially stable enough to purchase healthier food options for myself.