Next Time: I’ll be deadly serious, next time.

My cousin text me while I was in class today, to let me know that she made her goal of beating her previous 8K record by 5 minutes. Having only 2 weeks to train for it myself, I didn’t do too bad, but I know I’m capable of doing so much better. There aren’t too many things that I’m passionate about doing during my free-time, but I am proud to call myself a runner, and I’ve come to really enjoy the competitiveness it brings in me. Although I can find running to be a great way of relieving stress and a great source of calorie burning exercise, when I hit the pavement and I’m around other runners, something ignites within me that tells me that I need to not-only beat, but leave everyone else around me in the dust.

Although I’m pleased with the results of the race, it’s not my best timed 5-mile run, but it isn’t bad for only two weeks of training. My own PR (personal record) for 5-miles was 39:14 at a 7:51 pace, so I’m hoping to beat that this year. This only means that I need to train harder, and catapult myself into more races. :]

The Results of the Bridge to Brews 8K:

  • Finished in 44:57
  • 9:03/mile pace
  • #57/117 in my age group (25-29)
  • #292/687 males
  • #491/2134 overall

I can’t wait to race again. I do, however, have to admit that it felt incredibly good to guzzle down some delicious Widmer Hefeweizen after the race was completed. SO good! Until next time – if you’re interested in running a race with me, let me know. I won’t be considerate and slow down/look back for my cousin the next time I run an 8k though. It’ll be entirely for my own purpose of surpassing my own PR. Much Love, and thank you to the Marine Corps for honing my skills and instilling a thirst for competitiveness like no one/nothing else in this world. ;]