Spring Is Here.

As I sit here contemplating on whether I should procrastinate a little while longer about starting the homework, reading, and other miscellaneous assignments given to me today; I just want to take a moment to breathe, and tell myself that I managed to survive my first full-time college term. My grades from last term posted and I managed to get two A’s, with a B in International Relations. I’m somewhat upset at that, but I’m sure I can still bring my GPA up.

For spring term I’ve enrolled in Japanese 3, Intro to Cultural Anthropology, and English 102. Today was the first day of classes, and my teachers have already pummeled me with reading assignments, homework, research, and a group presentation to give/prepare for by next Wednesday. (That reminds me that I need to email my partners before I finish with this blog.) I also updated my online calendar to reflect my schedule for the next few months, to include the Bridge to Brews 8K run I’m participating in on Sunday the 17th.

As far as my gym regimen goes, during the school week, I try to wake up around 530 every morning in order to start my day off right. The gym on campus opens at 6am, then closes at 8am for classes/courses, then re-opens between noon and 6pm for the public again. I generally hit them up twice a day, just to ensure I get an equal balance of cardio and weight training. I’m definitely seeing some great results, but I’d really like to sign up for a marathon this year. I’m obviously not going to make it to Arlington for the 2011 MCM, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to be training for one; just in case I choose to do something local.

There are more things to talk about, however, I believe I should probably start getting some other work/assignments done. If-only homework finished itself…