College 101

The first day of school has come and gone, yet I find myself yearning for my next class to start already.

For some odd reason, I’m excited to get my first homework assignment and have even developed an eagerness to learn. Of course, it wouldn’t be the first day of school without something eventful occurring. What happened, you ask? Well….

I double-checked my schedule and confirmed that my first-and-only class for the day was Introduction to Sociology. I attended class, was heavily involved in the class discussion and left the classroom ready to come back for more. Once I got home, I checked my schedule for tomorrow and confirmed that I have International Relations and English Composition on my schedule. After double checking the locations, I realized that I had the same class in the same location I was in this afternoon.
This struck me as odd, so I confirmed that I had the location(s) right and realized that I sat in the right Sociology class, but with the wrong professor, wrong building and the wrong building number. I still have no idea how I even ended up in another Sociology class, but I felt so stupid after figuring it out.

Now, I’m trying my best to drop the Soc 101 class I’m currently enrolled into and transfer/add myself into the class I actually attended today. I just need approval from the professor since there’s a possibility that his class is already full (there were approximately 5 students without desks). Hahaha. I hope things all work out in the end so that I can stay, otherwise I need to re-adjust myself into a new classroom with a new professor.

I already emailed Professor Ludwig and plan on reading the first chapter of the textbook tonight, to get a head-start. This subject is so intriguing. I may even consider it as a minor if I find myself enjoying it through-and-through. I guess we’ll see as the term progresses.

In other news I have International Relations and English 101 in the morning.
After completing the first chapter of my sociology book, I may delve into the 1st chapter of my book for International Relations, as well. It feels, somewhat, surreal to me. To know that I’m currently enrolled into college. I never thought I’d see the day that I could either afford it or afford the time to attend.

I also met a former active-duty Marine in my class, who is currently an active Reservist at Swan Island. He recommended that I try it out if I haven’t had enough of the Corps, already. I may take it into consideration, once the term ends. I guess we’ll see.

Other than that, I believe it’s time that I stop typing and start reading.
Man… how good it feels to be continuing my education.