Dead Space 2 Demo.

While it’s fresh in my head, I just played the new Dead Space 2 Demo and it is awesome!!!

Dead Space 2

I had my friend Kara play it first, but she couldn’t even make it to the first enemy. It was so funny watching her freak out to the first scene, as she literally screamed and dropped to the floor. [Spoiler alert!! She was walking down a corridor full of cryotubes and Isaac, the protagonist, has a hallucination while walking through. All of these cryotubes that were once empty, were suddenly filled with these deformed humans/necromorphs reaching out and twitching all over the place /spoiler]

After that part she didn’t want to play anymore, but I talked her into going a little bit further. After-all, I wanted her to at-least reach the first enemy within the demo. She agreed and walked into the next area, but kept pausing the game while running in place every time she heard the music change or any unusual ambient noise(s). She summoned the courage to continue for a few more steps when an air-tube suddenly burst in-game right next to her; then she was done. She paused it and told me it was my turn. Hahahaha.

Thanks to this experience, I know exactly what I want to draw in my next picture. It’ll be a Dead Space theme with Kara and her sister Kessa either playing Dead Space or being in the world. It’ll be awesome.

Aside from that, if you have a PS3 I highly recommend playing the new demo. That’s all I have for now. :]