7 Bells & All’s Well

As most of you may already be aware, another big earthquake hit Japan’s northeastern region. Thankfully, I live in Nara and felt absolutely nothing that night, but mutuals that I follow on Twitter were definitely keeping everyone posted.

For some people who’ve lived in Japan for years, some of them said that it was the most intense seismic activity they have ever endured in Japan. For those who were around during the 2011 earthquake that occurred off the shore of Fukushima and devastated Japan with a tsunami and an unexpected nuclear power plant meltdown, they said it wasn’t anything close to what they had experienced. Although that’s great to hear, it’s also a bit disconcerting at the same time.

The Japanese government has also issued warnings for residents to remain vigilant as aftershocks may continue to follow over the next week. It’s even rumored that the recent earthquake was actually just an aftershock from the big one 10 years ago, as well. At any rate, I feel thankful that I live where I do because Nara isn’t prone to many natural disasters (much like my hometown) with the exception of landslides which often occurs during times of heavy weather and typhoons. Regardless, for those who have been worrying, just know that I’m safe and sound.