Miss Japan: The Silent Issue

I think this is a video well-worth your time to watch.

The issue of ethnicity and race isn’t just limited to the problems observed in America and Europe, but is something taking place all around the world. I think that as we become more internationalized these problems will become easier to notice and less transparent. I also think it’s time that we become more educated, come to understand, and come to accept that this is a legitimate set-back to people all around the world. It’s great to see Japan embrace Ariana Miyamoto as Miss Japan, but there still appears to be underlying issues to be resolved, especially when people within Japan’s own society view some of their own citizens as foreigners rather than as Japanese.

With that said, I think that it’s a part of our duties as JETs (and cultural ambassadors) to help Japan become more comfortable with the idea of living with and/or working alongside of foreigners.