Rest In Piece

Life has propelled me into a new chapter of my life at such a break-neck speed that I haven’t had the chance to really slow down to let the woes of the world catch up to me. I can recall when I lost my aunt, my grandma, and then my grandpa – and how much I wished the world would stop spinning just for a brief second, but life cycles on. Often times, it feels as though your friends leave you in the dust to let you cope with things, but I’ve come to realize that sometimes that needs to happen in order for you to truly find healing.

We are such evanescent beings when it comes to the duration of the universe.
In the span of it all we are more evanescent than the flowers that bloom in the spring,
More evanescent than the ripple effect of a drop of water onto the surface of a pond;
More evanescent than the cool and refreshing morning dew;
And more evanescent than the mildly visible smoke that appears as the dew vaporizes.
I feel as though many of us forget about this.
We forget that our lives our finite
We forget that we’re not promised tomorrow,
Or today, or even yesterday;
Yet we’re still here.
Willing and able to experience life and all of its miraculous wonders.

People I’ve known, as well as people I’ve known indirectly
Have passed within the last few months.
Uncle Fred, Lynda Vanderbilt, Michelle’s dad,
Brittany’s mom, Alejandro’s grandmother and friend Philippe Nguyen
(And to the many more that I have failed to mention)
May your souls rest in piece
As well as remind us to cherish what we have
Prioritize our lives accordingly,
And enjoy every second Life has to offer us.