Chakras (An Unfinished Painting)


“True art is characterized by an irresistible urge in the creative artist.”
― Albert Einstein

I started this piece earlier last year (as a matter of fact, it could have been in late 2012) but never got around to finishing it. Originally, I knew that I wanted to draw an anatomically correct heart as the focal point, along with it being connected to other forms of life, such as trees, water, and other types of animal life. Shortly after posting a few cell phone pics of this online, I remember my friend Sav coming over and how she told me that it looked like I was trying to symbolize the heart and root chakras of the human body. Then she suggested placing the crown at the bottom (which would have worked) but it would be in reverse order.

I think I’ll attempt this piece again sometime; However, next time I’ll be sure to place the root and crown chakras in the appropriate places. In fact, I might just make a series that focuses on the 7 chakras of the body next time. Anyway, my friend Jomi was here the other day and I had this piece lying around in the living room, unsure of whether it’ll even sell at my garage sale and offered it to him, after he noticed it. I feel so grateful for friends that enjoy, appreciate, and/or want to keep my artwork. To be honest, I’d rather give them to friends than sell them to people at a garage sale. :P

I hand-painted everything onto a sturdy wood block (often used to hold up granite counters) without any sketching or anything. I let my mind go crazy, however, I eventually reached an impasse where I kind of wish I sketched things out before I started. None-the-less, I really like the way the heart came out, as well as the shading. I used so much acrylic paint for this piece. Hahaha. So much paint. :)