My Anticipated Games List of 2014

“Video games are bad for you? That’s what they said about rock-n-roll.” – Shigeru Miyamoto

After being inspired by Matt’s list of anticipated games, I decided to make my own compilation. Despite the fact that I’m not as dedicated of a gamer as most, I’ve come up with a list of games that I’m looking forward to in 2014. These are all games that I expect to play, however, it doesn’t necessarily mean that I’ll be able to devote enough time to actually complete. Although this is sad to admit, I still have plenty of previous-gen games that I need to complete, so until I’m caught up with most of them (or until some of my top 3 games are released) I won’t be purchasing any next-gen games.

15. Monster Hunter Online

I’ve been waiting for a version of Monster Hunter that isn’t limited to the minimal graphics capabilities of the Nintendo Wii, 3DS, PS2 and PSP. I believe that it wasn’t until recently that a Monster Hunter game was coming to the PS3; However, with the announcement of Monster Hunter Online and the fact that I have a PC that is fully capable of handling the outstanding graphics, I can’t help but be excited for the unique gameplay and connecting with friends to take down giant beasts. Sadly, no announcement has been made regarding a monthly surcharge… if there is, I might need to put this game on the backburner. I also failed to mention that Monster Hunter Online has yet to be announced for release in the US, so I wouldn’t necessarily hold my breathe just yet.

14. Watch Dogs

This is one of the main games that caught my attention at the 2013 E3 conference, but I had to move it down towards the bottom of my list because I replaced it for The Division. Although this game seems like it’s headed in a different direction with the concept of digital hacking playing a vital role in this game, I can recall a chase scene that reminded me a lot of Grand Theft Auto. Besides this minor detail, I really enjoyed how one is able to manipulate his environment in order to progress through the story. I’m interested in seeing more, but until then, I can’t say that this will move up my list until I hear about a feature that completely ‘wow!’s me.

13. Dark Souls 2

Dark Souls and Demon’s Souls were some of the roughest and toughest games I’ve played. The fact that an average person couldn’t run through thirty-minutes to an hour without dying, goes to show how relentless this game can be. With that being said, the challenge, along with the intricate designs of and tactics needed in order to defeat the bosses makes this a game that I can’t wait to play. It’s almost like Capcom’s medieval version of Resident Evil with the customizability of an RPG.

12. Kingdom Hearts 3

I remember seeing the scene at the end of Kingdom Hearts 2 and wondering where the series was headed. After seeing practically every Disney scenario played out throughout the two games, it just makes me wonder what Disney characters would make an appearance. I don’t believe I saw any Toy Story characters in the games yet, so perhaps a “Toy Story”-esque world? I’m also curious about whether Square Enix will take a larger lead in the development project, as I’m curious about seeing more Square Enix characters. Only time will tell…

11. The Order 1886

The simple fact that the entire trailer was all in-game, blows me away. It reminds me of the first time I saw the Metal Gear Solid 4 trailer, and I couldn’t believe how real everything looked then. The fact that they seemed to surpass the PS3 graphics engine with this current gen, makes me wonder if cinematic scenes will finally become a thing of the past. With the title being The Order: 1886, it also makes me wonder if sequels will be represented by the year. I really enjoy parallel universe games, such as this one with architecture and fashions of the past intertwined with technological advances of the distant future. I only hope that the story and gameplay is just as captivating as the graphics.

10. Metal Gear Solid V

I only have a little experience playing the series, and I have to say that I thoroughly enjoy the Metal Gear Solid world and how much of a badass Snake is. As a Marine, he makes me think of what Dan Daly or Chesty Puller would be like if they put them into a mythical video game character. Hahah. I also enjoy how they emphasize the need to be stealthy in most scenarios. I only wonder what they will introduce to the series that feels fresh and new…

9. Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD

Although this game isn’t technically “next-gen”, I can’t help but ignore it since it’s being released this year. I would actually place this game higher on my list, but it contains two different games, and I anticipate playing FFX again, but I’m not very stoked about X-2. I can recall enjoying this game a lot during my first play-through on the PS2. Besides the amazing story, I especially enjoyed the fact that I no longer had to read the little conversation bubbles as the characters said everything for me. It was when I was nearing the end when my data suddenly became corrupted, and I was unable to finish my game. The fact that the game has now been remade and comes in HD, I have another great opportunity to play and finish it again.

8. Infamous: Second Son

It wasn’t until recently that I saw the 2013 E3 gameplay of this game, and I had to move it up on my list. Although it seems very similar to the previous Infamous games, I really enjoyed watching as this new character was able to grab his enemies by the head and slam/toss them out of his way. I also like seeing that he can quickly move around using air vents by turning into a type of dust/ashy element. In the original Infamous it seemed as though gangsters were the source of problems on the streets, but in Second Son it appears as though government units are the enemies. It almost reminds me of the game Prototype, which I didn’t like because it seemed like I was just being a douchebag, rampaging through the streets killing anything and everyone. I hope Second Son isn’t the same in that regard.

7. Super Smash Bros.

Who wouldn’t be excited for an HD version of the Smash Bros. franchise? I’m always intrigued by the new characters that they add to the series. Megaman has always been one of my favorite Capcom characters so I’m excited to see how he fairs in this battle royale. I should also mention that seeing these Nintendo characters in HD only fuels my passion to see what else the Wii U will have to offer with its new HD/new generation console.

6. The Witcher 3

Although I’m currently enveloped in the world of Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, at the moment, watching the previews of this game has wowed me so-much-so, that I couldn’t help but purchase the Witcher 2 during the Steam Sale. The fact that the game is open-world and seems to be medieval-esque, sells me on it even more. Although I haven’t played any of its predecessors, the graphics, the real-time gameplay, and the (what appears to be) gigantic world looks stunning and amazing. Even this screen shot excites me because of the action poised into the shot. I can’t wait until I start playing Witcher 2, so that I can better assess whether or not I may like the Witcher 3.

5. Final Fantasy XV

I can remember when I heard about this announcement while I was living on Okinawa. Back then, it was tentatively titled: FF Versus XIII, and I am so glad that they took their time and are launching the game for the PS4. I played FFVII: Crisis Core for the PSP (until my PSP stopped reading UMDs) and the fact that Square Enix finally branched away from typical JRPG style gameplay and more towards a real-time action game was definitely a pleasant surprise back then. But knowing that Square Enix is going to continue down this road with FFXV makes me ecstatic for something new and quite-possibly more challenging. I do wonder, however, when Square Enix will finally rename the franchise and stop adding on to the roman numerals. Hmmm… Final Fantasy roman numerals will end… I can’t imagine it getting to FF XX or even FF XXX. Hahaha.

4. The Division

As I stated previously, this game has taken the place of Watch Dogs, after I saw some of the gameplay involved. If you look at the image above, you can see the bricks that the main character is covered by are getting knocked off as they’re getting fired upon. I think that’s one of my favorite features of this game as you can jackhammer through walls in order to get to your enemies (depending on the thickness of the walls). The gameplay trailer also showed that this game is a huge MMO, allowing allies/friends to drop in and drop out of the game without a hitch. I’m definitely excited by all of the potential this game has to offer.

3. Deep Down

Although this game seems very similar to Dark Souls, I like the ease of playing with friends in this game. If you can’t tell already, I am a huge fan of 3rd-person video games. Mix that with the medieval genre and somehow I become smitten. For some reason, I really enjoy the dungeoneering aspect of these types of games, and just the LotR feel – with the added horror elements. I mean, a treasure chest with teeth? Come on… In the main trailer you also see a battle against a dragon, with two allies that join you to defeat it. Magic is an interesting element in the game as you can combine two elements, such as fire and tornado to create a whirling firestorm attack on your enemies. I’m stoked to see what other video game elements they’ve added to this new and interesting twist of a medieval game.

2. Destiny

Who isn’t anticipating this game? Based off of my list of games, it seems that next-gen gaming is taking a step towards MMO, open world games with (seemingly) non-linear gameplay. I even find it awesome that friends and allies can drop in-game via a drop-ship of some sort. I still see elements of Halo in the gameplay, but it’s something that I can get used to (being a Bungie game, and all…). There’s really little-else to say about this game, but I hope that it lives up to all of the hype.

1. Uncharted

Lastly, my most anticipated game of all is Uncharted by Naughty Dog. Every Uncharted game that has come out previously have been games that I’ve been so captivated by that I can’t help but play through the entire game. To me, the Uncharted series started a franchise that delivers magnificent graphics, cinematics, and storylines that capture its audience and make you feel “like you’re in a movie”. I believe that this series even paved the way for games like The Order 1886, that hope to captivate its audience “as though they’re watching a movie”.  The Uncharted series, neigh… Naughty Dog has yet to disappoint in their ability to develop amazing video games with compelling stories (take for instance, The Last of Us) and I look forward to where their signature next-gen franchise will take their phenomenal company.