My Gaming Debauchery

“Bargain… anything a customer thinks a store is losing money on.”
– Kin Hubbard 

I’ve never really considered myself to be a PC gamer. I’ve always disliked the ‘feel’ of having to use a keyboard over an actual controller; however, until recently I’ve come to realize the sheer awesome-ness behind having a quality gaming computer. It wasn’t until I decided to build myself a computer that I realized that a lot of same games become cheaper (at a much faster rate) on the PC than they do on consoles.  Not only that, but depending on the sale, some of the prices are ridiculously cheap, as they drop far below the regular price cap for most console games ($19.99).



Take for example, the Steam Autumn Sale (which my friend Taran informed me about). Not only do they sell a plethora of various and fun-to-play indie games, but they’re also selling many “console games” (the PC version, of course) at ridiculous deals of upwards to 80% off! A good example is the fairly new release of Skyrim: Legendary Edition for $59.99 on most consoles to $19.99 during the Steam Sale. Another example would be Left 4 Dead 2, which sells for $19.99 on the console, but was $4.99 during their sale. Although I’m mentioning these great deals and bargains during one of the biggest holiday shopping periods in America, Steam not-only has an autumn sale, but a spring/summer sale as well! In between, they also have certain specials/daily deals that lower the cost of games significantly.

I also mentioned earlier that I dislike the aspect of gaming with a keyboard, but fortunately for (people like) me, there’s the option of utilizing your PS3 or Xbox Controllers as a means to game with and/or you also have the option to go out and purchase a PC controller. Being a console gamer most of my life, playing on the keyboard just feels so unnatural to me. Although I’ve come to enjoy gaming on a PC, I’m still interested in getting a next-gen console (PS4) for the console-exclusive games, such as Uncharted and Destiny.

I was creeping in the dark… so my character is a bit difficult to see.

In other news, I recently created a Twitch account so that I might be able to record and chat with friends while I play. I recently started playing Skyrim and played through it while live-streaming on Twitch and a few friends popped in to help me out with pointers and tips. It made gaming a lot more entertaining for me, to be honest, so I think I’ll do it that way more often. Not to mention, receiving tips during gameplay was great as well. If you’re interested in seeing a small snippet of what happened during my broadcast, you can check out the following clip that I uploaded onto my YouTube account [Rated: M for Beware of Profanity]: