Right Back At It, Again

After a week long break, summer classes start back up again on Monday.

Although I feel slightly bummed because I feel like I could use another week of vacation, I know that at the end of this term I’ll have almost an entire month off. Which should be more than enough time to recover before starting a new school year. Thankfully, my break was full of good times as I was able to hang out with friends, go hiking in the gorge several times , work on some old projects, watch my little brother graduate from high school, as well as spend some quality time with him and my mom (who I haven’t seen in well-over four years). Overall, I feel content with how I spent my time during this short break.

Sadly, Monday will also be the first term since summer of 2011, where I haven’t taken a Japanese class. I’m sure I’ll be shocked by how much more free time I’ll be accumulating, but I’m sure things will work themselves out. I just feel an immense desire to continue practicing, as the less I use it, the more I lose. Anyway, I have much more to talk about, but with today being my last day “off” I feel the need to be a bit more productive than this.

Carpe Diem!