Back To Drawing

imageAfter a long hiatus, I finally took pencil to paper again. Although it’s still a work in progress I’ve decided to try something new.

I guess as a tribute to my late grandfather, I want to work on some abstract pieces that somehow incorporate nature because of how much he seemed to love animals and tending the garden. I can recall a story of when my grandpa was young, he would go out into the ocean, dive underwater and catch fish for his family. I guess that’s part of the reason why my current piece has a picture of a sea turtle. I feel like they’re so majestic, calm seeming and glide through the water that I wanted to use it to represent my grandpa in a way.

The paper I’m using for this project by the way, is incredible because it doesn’t smear my lines while I draw. I’d really like to consider painting and then quite possibly selling prints of it. I’m definitely digging it so far, though.