In Loving Memory of My Grandfather

I received an unfortunate phone call from my mom late last night, informing me that we lost our beloved grandfather. Ever since I got off the phone with her, I’m continuously thinking about him. I found it difficult to fall asleep last night, and even today I’ve been lethargic and have accomplished nothing around the house. I didn’t even go to class today because of my lack of ability to think straight or even concentrate on a single matter.

But deep down, I know my grandpa wouldn’t want us to sulk or to mope. As a matter of fact, I believe he would be doing things to try to cheer us up, whether it would be making funny faces or annoying us until we crack a smile or laugh. He was most definitely a child at heart. He was stern when he had to be, but for the most part he enjoyed the company of others and making them smile. I think that’s what I’ll miss the most about him.

The last picture I had taken with both of my grandparents. I miss and love you both, Lolo and Lola.

In the end, I think that he lived a fulfilling life. He worked hard (along with my grandma) to get all of their children and grandchildren to America, and managed to accomplish that without a hitch. They worked hard up until the day they retired, and raised chickens and various crops in the city to help feed themselves and share with their children and grandchildren. Finally, I believe both of my grandparents were ecstatic to find themselves back in the Philippines, so I’m certain that he was pleased that he’ll be buried in his home country, next to my grandma.

Although it’s selfish of me to wish that I could have seen you one last time, I wish I could have. Regardless of that, I’m just glad to hear that God has relieved your suffering. It may not seem very evident, but you’ve taught me a lot about the type of man I want to be. I’ll carry these attributes along with me, as well as your passion for gardening and being a rock for others in their time of need. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me, for my brother, for my mom and for our family. I will cherish your gift of bringing me to America and will make a name for myself, in honor of you and Lola.

I love you and will miss you. Until we meet again, please take care of Lola and Aunte Eva; And on that fateful day when we do meet again: I’ll be expecting your signature dish of coffee-rice. Mahal Kita, Lolo.