My Return to Facebook

My Facebook hiatus has been broken, but this return doesn’t come without change.

I’ve already set up my account so that I don’t receive any email updates. This actually helps me out a lot, so that I’m not continuously logging on in order to quickly respond to what people have to say. It also helps to de-clutter my email-box so that I’m not receiving email messages through-out the day. I’ve also already found myself becoming annoyed by posts people have made, so I’ve updated my “News Feed” preferences to only show status updates on people that I care to hear from/read updates from. So far, this is proving to be a little tedious, but in the end, the less people I have to “watch” – the better I think things’ll be.

Interestingly enough, I came to find that a lot of people that I knew on facebook also cancelled their accounts. I believe that for the most part, I reactivated my account to see what my fellow Marines are up to and where they’re at in their lives. You could say it’s a part of my competitiveness to evaluate our stages in life, but I would disagree and call it a playful distraction.

I’ve already disabled people’s ability to post things, or tag me, “publicly” on my timeline, and I think that helps to keep my life a little more private. Overall, I still have a feeling of disappointment with Facebook, but I think that with time I’ll feel less frustrated by the things people say and do on that thing.

For the most part, however, I could feel that the majority of people welcomed me back. Of course, it’s difficult to gauge what a “like” on a post truly means, but seeing the names of some of those individuals put a smile on my face. Keeping in touch via email is pretty rough, as most peoples’ email inboxes are cluttered with junk mail and/or mail from social media applications – making sorting through things a little tough.

Anyway, I have a big day ahead of me tomorrow so I need to catch some Z’s. Catch you all later.