No Title Needed

I find it quite interesting and somewhat alarming whenever my blog tells me that someone was ‘googling’ my name and found my blog. I have too many different speculations, so I doubt I can come to a solid conclusion. Whoever it is, searches for me via my nickname and knows perfectly well how to spell my last name. ;] I can’t remember when it was, but there was a time when someone googled me with my last name misspelled, so who knows!

Anyway, this weekend has been awesome. I think I’m starting to fall in love with my cell phone’s camera. Although I have my Canon, I really enjoy the portability of my cell phone. Not only that, but my friend Katsu showed me some cool things that I can do on my phone that I didn’t know that it could do before! Katsu also has an incredibly awesome Canon DSLR – which is newer than mine. I’m ultra jealous, but I think that I can learn a lot from him if we collaborate with a photo project, or something, sometime. I really need to get back into photography, though. It’s just been way too long. :

Anyway, I’ve been waiting for a nice stress-free weekend like this for a long time and I’m glad that it finally came. Anyway, I’ve got some minor cleaning up to do after last night’s awesomeness.

Hahaha. The picture quality sucks, but I love these guys (+3).
(I just realized 4/5 of us are wearing glasses!!! Nerdzzz)