Why I Write…

I’m just realized that the last time I wrote a post was almost two weeks ago… Since then, I’ve been focused on a torrential amount of school work, both during the week, as well as the weekends. Last weekend however, I did nothing but veg out on the couch until Monday came – when I frantically started to try and get my act together, just to ensure that I did well in my classes for the current school-week.

For those of you who may have randomly stumbled upon my blog, I dumped Facebook (as if we were in a relationship), for some more time to blog. Although I initially thought that I’d find more time to work on blogging, I couldn’t help but think back to how many more hits my blog received when it was synced to my Facebook account. After much thought and deliberation, I was actually considering the reactivation of my account, when I came to remember why I initially chose to deactivate it, as well as why I even blog to begin with…

I can still remember the compulsive urge to check my facebook account frequently, in order to see how my friends were doing. Although I may not have commented and/or “liked” their post, I have to admit that it made it easier for me to… not necessarily keep-in-touch, but almost keep track of what was going on in their lives. I have to admit, however, that there has been more than one occurrence where I’ve reactivated my account. Each time, however, lead me to a feeling of disappointment when I would sit there and read through a seemingly endless ream of posts. Some of the posts being meaningless, others with indirect innuendos/alternative meanings, and others consisting of miscellaneous quotes, philosophical concerns and what seemed to be hourly memoirs of one’s daily occurrences. I’m sorry, but I honestly don’t care to know what you’re eating at any particular moment in time.

To be honest, I would like to arrive at the assumption that writing so frequently and so often would produce an avid amount of readers, as well as increase one’s writing capabilities, but that’s just not the case. I mean, how many posts does it take until an individual finally realizes that “your” and “you’re” are two completely different words, and that “their” using the wrong “they’re”?

These questions however, inevitably brought me to ask myself why I blog, publicly, on the internet? Without trouble or hesitation, I could easily keep my very own personal hand-written journal and avoid the narcissistic society of the internet, so why do I blog on public domains? In order to be truly honest to myself, I would have to honestly say that it’s for my own convenience.

As a kid, I used to keep physical journals and hand-write all of my entries. Unfortunately, when you have a lot to say, small problems like hand cramps begin to arise, as well as the inconvenience of your handwriting getting worse – especially when you’re upset and/or furious. It’s also more convenient in the manner that I can type a lot faster than I can write. I can also go back and delete certain portions of my entries without a hitch. I remember how tragic it would be when I would write in my old notebooks/journals using a pen, and have to black out entire sentences or lines when I misspelled or inappropriately phrased something. There was also the “mess” (at least to me it was bothersome) of the graphite, lead and/or ink causing smudges on the paper.

Another reason why I choose to blog online is the convenience of easily searching for something I wrote about using the “search” feature. I dare someone to try to do that with a handful of old hand-written journals… I believe that the last and final reason behind why I blog, is to make it convenient for people that I know and care about, to read. Sure, my blog may attract the occasional stranger that agrees and/or comments about something that I wrote, but it doesn’t beat the feeling I get when I know that my friends can “easily” track me down and/or be updated on the events occurring in my life.

Although their thoughts and comments matter to me, I believe the bottom line is that I blog so that I may write what I say, think and feel. In a sense, I find it therapeutic. Although it’s nice to see some of my blogs being read by others, and even commented on once-in-a-while, I only write about the things I feel compelled to write about. Even though I’m well aware of how severe some words can be at times, I’m a firm believer in the following quote by a beloved childhood author of mine:

“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.”
— Dr. Seuss