My First Post of 2013

I’m sure that I say it every year (along with many others), but 2012 went by fast…

In my opinion, it was the most expeditious once the holiday rush started. I still can’t believe the school term starts back up on Monday (Tuesday, for me). I was just explaining to Robin that I’ve learned a lot over the course of 2012. One of the minor life lessons had to do with Financial Aid, and the obvious need to submit that form as early as humanly possible. Last year, I didn’t bother with it until mid March or April and wound up with a whole lot of nothing. This year however, I was better prepared and was able to complete and submit the form today. The automated message tells me that I should qualify for the Pell Grant, but of course nothing’s confirmed until I receive the official award letter(s).

In other news I started a new photo blog a few days ago, but haven’t had much time to post photos from my “30 Day Challenge”. I’ve been pretty faithful on a daily basis, but have lacked the organized time to upload all of the pictures. To be honest, I was going to do that while writing this post, but managed to forget my DSLR at home. Of course I remembered to bring my USB-to-camera cord, but not the camera. Argh… :|

On an entirely different note, I found a new website for online bios via: About.Me.
Unfortunately, someone has already claimed: – so I had to choose the next best thing before someone else claimed it. I’ll post a link to my own “About Me” section when I get things up and running. We’ll see how soon that’ll be. I’m bound to forget all about it as soon as the term starts back up. :p

Anyway, I feel my mind wandering a bit. I really want to work on some new art, but I doubt I’ll have the time before the term starts. I think that for 2013 I’d like to work on “re-mastering” some digital images and even sketches from my past. It’s a great way of seeing how much one’s improved over the years.

My reorganized room

During my winter break, I finally had the time and opportunity to reorganize my room and came to realize that I’m lacking original artwork. The wall behind me (in the picture above) is completely blank, so I’d like to work on some large art pieces for that “blank canvas”. I do have a few paintings that I started months ago that can go on that wall, but of course – they’re still unfinished. One of which is a large canvas piece/copy of some of the conceptual art for the new Tomb Raider game. I’m somewhat hesitant about applying the acrylics, but I’m sure things will turn out fine once I get the ball rolling.