Goodbye, Blinking Light of Death!!!

I did it! I did the impossible and managed to REVIVE my old, expired warranty, Playstation 3!!!

I’m actually still in shock, as I sit here watching my PS3 updating its firmware. I don’t even see myself as a technically savvy person either, and I especially don’t see myself as someone that’s capable of fixing these modern day “contraptions”. For the longest while I was pretty bummed out, trying to think about whether I’d invest in a new PS3 that isn’t backwards compatible, but I’m so glad I didn’t. I even thought about just trashing my PS3 altogether, since I ran into so many dead ends at the time it happened.

But I did it! Of course, I can’t sit here and tell you that I deserve all of the credit. No, no, no – I most definitely don’t. I actually googled the problem again, recently, when I read that someone managed to fix his PS3 thanks to a YouTuber! For those of you in search of a fix and happen to be out of warranty and/or don’t want to cough up $150 to send your device into Sony, check out the following video:

Of course, I also have to thank Pat Kagi (my dad) for lending me all of the tools that I needed including the torx heads, screwdrivers and heat gun!! Oh, man… I just feel as giddy as Tiny Tim at the end of A Christmas Carol!!! “God bless us; Everyone!”

It sure indeed will be a very Merry Christmas for me! I only hope that it will be for everyone else as well. :D :D :D :D