Curious and Curiouser

I really enjoy using WordPress as my primary blog.

When I was a kid, I was actually inspired to keep my own journal by the cartoon series on Nickelodeon called “Doug”. Before then, I had always thought that journals and/or diaries were for girls, but when I began to notice that a popular cartoon character named Doug kept a journal I was all about starting my own. Of course, back then I used a standard sized notebook and went through approximately three of them (front and back). When I was in high school, however, I broadened my horizon by also keeping an online journal. I felt as though it was a lot more “private”, because no one could randomly stumble upon it in my room, pick it up and read it. Instead it had privacy settings that allowed me to post and read things publicly and/or privately.

The only problem with this “privacy” issue really raises the question about whether something on the internet is ever really “private”? Not only that, but I recently found a few of my old journals and had the convenience of flipping through some of my old entries. I can remember the cramps that I’d get in my hands from writing more than a page-long entry, and was able to reminisce about a lot of the memories associated to the words I wrote. I think that’s the other flaw about “blogging” is that although they’re available to read online, they’re each affiliated to screen names and passwords and in the event that website shuts down, all of those posts are lost. I think that’s another convenience of keeping a physical journal, which I might consider doing in the future.

Anyway, for now, I’m content with using WordPress for my non-private blog entries. I really enjoy how WordPress keeps track of the number of visitors that come to my blog, and how they’re referred. I think the creepiest thing about that, however, is how it even tracks links from search engines and the phrases used. On top of that, there’ve been a few occasions where the search phrase(s) were “lenny benologa”. It just makes me wonder who’s searching for me and why they haven’t personally commented and/or written to me.

Well, I’m late for my appointment at the gym, so I’ve gotta cut this one “short”. Deuces to all!