My 100th Entry!

Since this is my 100th blog entry on WordPress, I think I’m going to change this entry a bit by filling it up with a notable amount of quick, short, and concise bullet points.

  • I survived my first term at PSU!
    • I received a 93/100 on my Japanese Speaking Test/Oral Final
    • I can’t say the same for my Japanese written Final, however…
    • My Asian Studies Final, however, seemed pretty easy – and I’m fairly sure that I got an ‘A’ in that class. I’d be shocked if I get anything different.
    • Tomorrow, as a means of marking the beginning of our winter break, some of my Japanese classmates and I are heading out to dinner.
    • I still have one final left, due tomorrow, but it’s for an easy/required Fine Arts class.
  • The Cheater
    • While studying for my Japanese written final, I saw a girl in the hallway writing answers on her wrist before entering her class.
    • Along with another Marine in my class, I informed her teacher.
    • Integrity is an important trait, so I felt it was necessary to do the right thing.
    • “What’s popular is not always right. What’s right is not always popular.”
  • Secret Santa
    • My friends and I have drawn names for Secret Santa and have set a date for the shindig.
    • It’ll be at my house on the 23rd and I’m excited for this year’s gift exchange(s).
  • Winter Break
    • I’ll be taking Saki-san to PSU to help her register for Fall 2013, next Friday.
    • Aside from this, I’ll actually be studying up for my Japanese classes next term during my break. Kanji primarily.
    • Besides that, I can finally dedicate more time to going to the gym on a daily basis.
    • Figuring out what presents to buy is going to be somewhat of a challenge this year, as well.
    • I’m thinking about renewing my Amazon Prime account to help with my holiday purchases, but I’m not entirely sure just yet.
    • During the break I’ll also be working on filling out a plethora of scholarship and grant applications for next year. I need everything I can get, now.
    • Lastly, whenever time will allow, I’m going to do my best to continue on and completing some of my art projects.
  • Winter Term
    • The new term doesn’t start until January 7th, so I’m definitely looking forward to this extended break.
    • Japanese was extremely stressful this term, so I’m somewhat stressed about the idea of taking two separate Japanese classes next term.
    • Besides that, I’m also taking my “Junior Cluster” with a 300 level Introduction to Philosophy class.

All in all, I don’t believe I’ll be very bored during winter break, nor will that be the case for the following term. I have plenty of things to keep me busy, and to be quite honest, I like things that way. I have more to talk about, but feel like I should save it for a future post/entry. I hope you all have a great, safe and fantastic holiday season!