When you have kids…
If, you have kids,
There’s something you should know…
A very confusing thing they don’t tell you…

You see so much of yourself in them;
You see your ironic take on the world,
You see your smile, your walk , your sense of humor
Or whatever
And you think they’re you.
But they’re not You.
And they shouldn’t have
All of your baggage
Your fear and insecurity
And your life experience
Because that’s not fair;
They have their own.

If you haven’t already had the chance to watch this tv series, I highly recommend checking it out. The first three seasons are currently streaming on Netflix. I’m not even completely finished with the second season yet and I already think it’s remarkable! At first, I fell under the impression that the series would revolve around a dysfunctional family and their many upper-middle class problems, but I was happily mistaken.

Many of the events addressed in this series can take place and apply to practically any family. It addresses problems in communication, perception and overall relationship issues amongst people. Without spoiling anything, there are many heart-wrenching scenes in this show. I can’t imagine it being very easy for actors and actresses to cry on queue, but this set of thespians are extraordinary when it comes to that ability. Even the many dialogues and conversations intrigue me, as in many scenes (much like in a real family) people talk over one another – and how they capture this essence always manages to put a smile on my face.

I would gladly name this the my favorite tv show on television, so if you haven’t seen it yet, I suggest that you do so. Also, if you don’t happen to have Netflix, feel free to stream it online via ‘Project Free Tv‘.