Off The Wall…

I just received a phone call from Congressman Jaime Herrera-Beutler’s office pertaining to an email I sent out to her (as well as my governor, earlier last week) concerning the lack of schools available for students in my local vicinity and area. Of course, it wasn’t Jaime who called me herself, but her secretary that wanted to personally inform me that she is currently addressing the situation regarding my email. It wasn’t only pertaining to the lack of colleges available, but also concerned the cost of Post 9/11 GI Bill users that are forced to go out of state, in order to pursue their education benefits.

I’m actually still in a little bit of shock that I received this phone call from their office. I’ve received an email response from her before, but I definitely can’t say that I received a phone call. I kind of wish I had the original message I sent, but unfortunately, the message was sent via a formatted message on her government website. I’m hoping something gets done about this ongoing problem, but I think the first thing anyone can really do, is speak up.

Anyway, back to some more studying.