The Sweet Smell of Success

In my third year Japanese (speaking and listening) class, 40% of our grade is based off of our daily score. This is often rated by how well we speak, conjugate and interact with random questions and answers organized in class. So far, for the last four weeks I’ve earned a daily score varying from 7s to my highest being an 8.5 (out of a possible 10).

Today, however, I was shocked to see the “grade” I received for today’s class, which was a 9 out of 10! To be honest, I am so ridiculously proud that I was able to get an “A”, at least once, during the course of this class. It may be next-to impossible to receive an ‘A’ overall in this class, but I definitely feel like I know what’s going on now and what’s expected of me (from at least one of my professors). I only hope that I can continue on with this positive streak through midterms next week.

Although I’m kind of stressing out about it, I feel fortunate enough to be aware of bigger (more important) things going on around me than exams in a safe and secure environment. On that note, thank you to all of those that watch over us.