HLTH 101: Entry 01 (What do I want out of Life?)

I believe there are a lot of things that I want from Life. I think to start things off, I want to be financially stable. Rather than having to worry about the number of hours I put into work, or what my hourly rate is, I would be completely content on earning a salary above $40K a year. In order for me to see myself in that position, however, I need a solid, good-standing education to land me a good-paying job.

When thinking about my career choice after the Marine Corps, I wanted to choose a major that I felt passionate about. At first, it revolved around Criminal Justice, but after some deliberating I figured that since the world is “getting flatter” through globalization, that a major in International Studies (with a focus on Japan and Japanese culture) would land me a job that could allow me the opportunity of travelling internationally. I’ve always dreamed about travelling around the world, and although I lived in Okinawa for two years of my life, I would definitely love to go back. This field would also make me more proficient in a third language, allowing me to alternate as an English/Japanese interpreter, or even become an English teacher in foreign countries (not limited to Japan).

A few other things I want out of life are things to be proud of. At our death beds, I can’t imagine anyone asking to be surrounded by their diplomas, degrees, or books they’ve written; but I feel a sense of obligation to do something greater in this world that is larger than myself. When I was Twenty-two, I decided to enlist into the Marine Corps for that reason. I didn’t want to be in my mid 30s, wishing I had served in the military, so I enlisted as soon as I had the chance. I feel that because of the time I spent in the service, I have come out a better man. I’ve learned how to lead, I’ve had opportunities to excel in my communication, leadership, and job skills.

Something that hits a little closer to home is my desire to be, as well as appear physically fit. Growing up overweight, I don’t believe I’ll ever reach the peak – where I can honestly look at myself and tell myself that I’m not overweight. Sure, I may still be able to run long distances, but the image of myself as a teenager or as a youth, will always remain in the back of my mind.

I still have a passion for running, so I’d really like the opportunity to complete more marathons and races within my lifetime. While pursuing this path, I see myself getting a Doberman Pinscher that will keep me honest because of its constant need for physical activity.

Ideally, I’d like to raise a family with 2.5 (or 3.5) kids, but I’d be content with 1. I’d like to own my own home, with a fairly large yard, in the suburbs. I want to encourage my kids to be passionate about what they want to do, or become; without personally pressuring them with my own desires for their life. I want a healthy, stable, loving, and monogamous relationship where communication is the forte, but most importantly – I want to make sure that I reach this level while being completely honest with myself, as well as with others.

I want to be able to live life, as opposed to surviving, or going through it. I don’t want to live vicariously through others, but just have the opportunity to live life to its fullest. I also want to be generous with my wealth (personal, financial, relational, health, etc…). Whether its teaching others how to be successful, helping others in times of need, or lending someone my ear. In this case, however, I also don’t want to be considered or perceived as a push-over. Growing up, I came to realize that I let too many people walk over me, but a motto I learned in the Marine Corps will always echo in my brain when the time comes: “Don’t confuse kindness for weakness.”