It’s no better than being burned to death by napalm. A gelatinous goo that sears profusely, and continues to smolder, regardless of how much water, wind or ice you combine to extinguish the flames. It’s a type of death that I wouldn’t wish onto my worst enemy. It’s a type of death that can be seen, but not heard. A type of death one can feel, but cannot touch. You have burrowed your way into my heart, and I fear the day when you will rise again to shatter my world. You are the red. You light a fire, a desire within my soul, that nothing can ever replace. All that’s left now is a hole. An empty crevice that wreaks of your scent. A crevice that longs for you and only you. But you don’t come.

My chest tightens at the thought of you. It barricades itself with the strongest ores imaginable at the mere thought of a possible replacement. You’ve done this. You. Only You. To me. I want this pain to stop. I want to rip this beating heart out of my chest, but it’s been fortified a thousand times over. All because of You. My heart has been shattered. Shattered into millions of dust particles. Glue? It won’t do. It never will. I will never be the same. My neck constricts, as though a vice has taken grip. My breath escapes, but air doesn’t return. It’s the longest exhale of my life. An exhale that doesn’t cease. Even my breath has left in search for you. But you don’t come.

Leave me on this isolated island. Leave me on the darkest of nights. A night when the stars, and even the moon eludes me. It’s just the darkness and I. Will the daylight ever come? When will time resume, so that I can forget about you, and all that you stand for? In the distance I see a yellow breeze, over an endless sea of darkness. It brushes against my nose, then quickly disappears. It reminds me of your smell. It reminds me of our days together, and all of the memories come flowing back. The color of the world return, but only for a moment. Then the colors fade again, and I return into darkness. This is torture. The worst form of torture. Shedding tears doesn’t help, or repair this chasm in my heart. The salt from my tears only cause me more pain. I call your name. But you do not come. You do not come…