An update regarding Life & College.

After sifting through my most recent posts, I’ve come to realize that I haven’t really made an update regarding how my life is going. In all honesty, it’s still strange, waking up in the morning and living in a house. Not just that, but having all of the luxuries that I have today, to-include a monetarily secure income, a vehicle I can drive and call my own, my health and wellness.

Overall, I just had to take a minute to let it all sink in. Although my history with the Marine Corps has drawn near its end (3.5 years of in-active service left), I’ve come to realize some of the treasures I’ve gained through-out that time.

I just got out of Sociology class and it was amazing to say the least. I never thought I’d see myself as a college student, just because back-then my goals were so different. I wanted to head straight into the work-force and work my way up the corporate ladders. In today’s economy however, that’s not the wisest decision; especially if you’re looking for stability and a good income. I think I’d be stupid not to minor in Sociology. It’s a really fascinating subject and it opens my eyes in a new light, when it comes to human interactions, decisions and habits. There’s also a girl in that class, but we’ll just leave it at that for now…

My Political Science class has been primarily revolving around history and how we arrive at modern-day politics/policies and how we are all bound together. I’m sure that once we get past this stage I can contribute more to the class, but up-until now it’s just been a major history lesson. I’m not well-versed in World History, so I usually take that time to listen and write notes. As far as the professor has informed us however, we won’t have any essay papers to write. To me, I can see it as good and bad. Good in the sense that in balancing 15 credits, I’m glad that I don’t have any added assignments. Bad in the sense, that I can’t reinforce what I’ve learned into research and writing. It just goes both ways I guess.

I’ve been quite healthy all winter, considering how cold it got. Based on my history, I think I’m immune to a lot of things except have also gotten ill during the spring-time for some unknown reason. I ran 5 miles on Sunday and was pretty sore for a few days after that. I was only planning on running 3 miles or less, but opted for 5 when I told myself I could handle it. It had been months since my last long-run, so in retrospect, I understand why my body felt so tired and sore the days following.

I haven’t been following the P90x routine sacrilegiously, but have seen the fruits of my labor(s) begin to sprout. Definition is finally returning and I’ve even seen my biceps growing larger and firmer. My chest has been showing signs of improvement as well, so I’m excited to see what this summer will bring.

I have a photo shoot booked with MynORity Apparel, next Friday (28 January). I spoke with the CEO of the company (Isaih Marcell) and offered him my services to help develop the ‘human composition’ side of my photography skills. I’ve always taken pictures of scenes and/or inanimate objects, so in-order to expand my horizons I’ve volunteered to help his developing company out.  It should be an interesting experience, as I still consider myself to be amateur.

When I was younger, I thought I had my life planned out, but it wasn’t until this year did I come to realize what it truly feel like to know what I want. I’m definitely pursuing my dreams with a sort of reckless-abandonment, but I have a confidence inside of me that I never had before. I’m not afraid to fail, but at the same time – I have no plans to. I’ve done so much research on the fields I want to study-in and even now I’m still uncertain about a few things, but I’ve come to see that as normal.

Before I end this, I just have to say it’s been an incredible experience. I come to think about how many-more people are in my life today than before, and I truly feel blessed. I’m aware that I’m not an easy person to get to know, because my social environments forced me not to be. I just find great pleasure in knowing that I have a network of friendships that I know I’ll keep for the remainder of my life without fear of being cast-away. I’m truly blessed not-only by the ‘things’ life has brought to me, but most-importantly by the events that brought me my current network of friends and family. I have no idea where I’d be without the constant out-pouring of love and support. So if I haven’t said it to you recently, I Love You and Thank you for being in my life.

God is Good (All the time).