Drawing Re-visited.

I finally started drawing again.
I’ve been doing a lot of research and collecting reference poses online to get myself back into understanding proportions.  In a nutshell, most of my drawings are of a cartoon-version of myself. I started with “chibi”/small forms that have been extremely simple and easy to draw and focused on making most of my pictures comedic. Recently, I’ve modified a few new pictures to look fairly proportionate/realistic. I plan on alternating between my two styles as I continue to draw.

Somehow drawing has consumed a lot of my time recently, but I’ve been enjoying it like the old days.

If I could find enough time to invest in creating a comic book, I’d totally be all over it. It’s just, when one drawing takes so much time and devotion, the time required to invest in a story, drawing and coloring the artwork would be immense. Plus, I believe this is a good way to occupy my time, before college so I don’t see this being anything long-term (for now).

Anyway, who knows what the future will bring. ;]